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ianmulville    |    author

Out of My Mind (and onto the page…)

ianmulville  |  author

Ian Mulville is based in Queensland, Australia, and has recently completed his new book - the crime fiction novel Full Circle - which is scheduled for release on 1st May 2014 and has been described as

‘Lock, Stock  meets  Eat, Pray, Love’

He is currently blogging about his experiences as a new author and his social media journey, and will be inviting book reviews of selected extracts in the coming weeks.

Please click through to YouTube here, where Ian talks about his background.

Elsewhere within the pages of this site you’ll be able to find out more about Ian, about
Full Circle and his next project, which is already in progress. He talks about his inspiration and motivation for writing, where his ideas come from and the characters in the novel.

It seems that now the creative floodgates have opened, there’s no stopping him; not only is he writing a new thriller based in the Middle East, he has already penned the outline for a follow-up to
Full Circle.

So all being well, we should be looking forward to three new books from Ian in the near future. Literary agents take note!

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Launch date
1st May 2014

Full Circle

Full Circle

Click here to Buy Full Circle Now

Full Circle

Click here to Buy Full Circle Now
"Of Mice and Men, meets Rough Guide to
, as imagined by Guy Richie".